Arrows made from your support!

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful morning tea on the Lakeland Queen with some of the wonderful people who have donated to helping people in the Philippines on our up and coming Golden Heart Mission in March 2018.
During the cruise, I told the story of one of the many people’s lives who were impacted by the generosity of those who donated to our previous mission. One morning in Angeles City, we decided to buy 50 towels, soap, plastic bowls, toothbrushes and toothpaste and we carried large buckets of water in to a nearby park where dozens of homeless people live. We began offering to wash babies. Mothers brought their little ones to us covered in caked on black grime from weeks’ worth of dirt. Soon the women began to sit down and we started to wash their feet. One young mother sat down in front of me, and as I started to wash her blackened feet, she began to wince in pain. As tears fell from her eyes and I continued to clean her I realised her feet and legs were covered in weeping open sores that had gotten infected beyond belief. The scabs and puss covered the flannel I was using as this woman let me bath her. This lady’s feet and legs were so infected that I dread to think what may have happened had something not been done. We were able to take her to the doctors and buy her medicine and other health products and we kept in touch with her over the coming days to ensure she was getting well. While my heart longs to do something more long term for these people, it occurred to me that this lady needed an encounter right there and then! That God had found her and pierced her life at exactly the right time. The love, and resources we took over, were exactly what she needed.
To me, it is like an arrow of love fired over from our blessed country. The team that is going to the Philippines to minister is merely the shaft of the arrow. It is the kindness, finances, prayer and support of golden hearted people in New Zealand that makes up the arrow head, and we are blessed to be able to carry it over to this place of dire need.
And it is my prayer that, like the lady we encountered last year, this arrow of your love, your donations, your help, your support and your prayers will come smashing in to someone’s life at the right time and totally rock their world!

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