After 3 years of no travel, Golden Heart is extremely excited to announce the amazing of people heading to the Philippines in February 2023!

Golden Heart takes small teams of kiwis to minister in the city of Angeles in Pampanga, Philippines. Here there desperation unlike anything we could imagine we could imaging living in New Zealand as people try to survive by any means possible. We will witness firsthand the deprivation left behind from sex tourism, women forced in to the sex industry in order to provide for their children, fatherless kids, poverty like we have never seen before, need like we will never experience before, and a hunger for God’s love like we all NEED to experience ourselves! 

Have a look at the kinds of projects we undertook in our last mission here.  The team will spend a little over 2 weeks in Pampanga, Angeles City serving the community and then a short rest before returning home. 

We are taking an extremely gifted and passionate team of people:

Steve Holmes​

Steve has been leading missions to the Philippines for 4 years and has a heart for sharing the love of God through simple acts.

Aroha Taputoro​

Aroha is a dedicated mother of 4, grand parent of 13, a caregiver of young boy, health care assistant and a television actor! Aroha has an amazing heart for people, and has previously been on the mission field in India.

Angela Collier​

Angela is based in sunny Tauranga and has two awesome adult sons living in Wellington. At present she enjoys working as admin/reception/clerk for a diesel mechanic company

Cam Morgan​

Cam is a Proud father of 4 amazing adult children who are successfully doing life and married with their own families. He really enjoy being around and putting energy into my 8 grandchildren (My little people).​

Eileen Onekawa-Sheehan​

More to come

Owen Patterson​

Owen is a retired chef, a father of two adult daughters and has 13 grandkids and 3 great grandkids, with a passion for ministry through cooking and feeding, riding Harley-Davidson motorbikes, and encouraging those who are struggling with their faith in Jesus.​

Every team member must raise about $2000 for flights, accommodation and other expenses. Any support towards these costs are greatly appreciated,
We also ask for is help in raising an additional $2500 to use to feed, clothe and provide medical care for the hundreds of people we will come across. A percentage of team sponsorship made here will also contribute to this general mission fund.

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