Support Golden Heart.

Golden Heart depends on your prayer and support. There are a number of ways to get involved and help the Golden Heart ministry.


Golden Heart needs ambassadors who can help spread the word within their church families, recruit donors, provide administration support, assist to coordinate local teams missions.


Come and experience the most rewarding 3 weeks of your life! Check out up and coming mission opportunities here. Or give your time in other ways such as administration, donation drives, helping to coordinate mission groups and more.


Prayer for the Mission and the team is vital. We are calling for Prayer Warriors to lift the mission, the team and everyone we encounter on our way up in prayer. We trust God for divine appointments and clear direction each day, that we would hear the will of God and have the grace to go where he leads and speak His heart.


You can change the future for one child at a time. For less than the cost of two coffees a week, you can provide one child with a roof over their head, put nourishing food in their belly, provide them with a school uniform and books so that they can be educated and provide them much needed medical care. That child will have a much better chance at a great future!

Mission Donations

Every team member pays for their own flights, accommodation and other expenses out of their own pocket. This costs each team member about $2000. While support from friends and family towards these costs is appreciated, we do not ask for it.

What we DO ask for is help in raising an additional $2500 to use to feed, clothe and care for the hundreds of people we will come across.

Things like organizing community meals, buying clothes for children, paying for medical treatment of sick children and much more.

Golden Heart is all about ‘giving a little to matter a lot’, and this could not be more true in the Philippines where every little bit goes a long way to helping some of the most vulnerable.

Please consider donating.

We are currently raising funds for our 2023 mission. If you would like to donate this this cause, please feel free to donate below.