It is thanks to you, the generous people who have donated to Golden Heart and the hard work of wonderful people in the Philippines that we have been able to give some young people another year of education in Angeles City, Philippines. I was contacted by 3 girls urgently requesting some help. These kids desperately want to go to school but the financial barriers that exist mean a high drop-out rate. While education is free for kids up to a certain age, the cost of compulsory uniforms, stationary and school books is out of reach for many families meaning that young children are unable to get an education. Without an education, the future is very dim with many turning to begging, or other street work in order to support their families. Golden Heart teamed up with the Pastors Felix and Ruth of Christ City Church who met up with three of these girls and kitted them out in uniforms, shoes, school bags and books. This costed about $20 NZD Each. A huge thank you also to Louis and Charez whose eagerness to help with this project despite some traumatic personal circumstances at the time is most appreciated. Louis and his family were victims of a random senseless shooting that meant they were unable to help this time, despite wanting to, while they recovered from the the shock. Golden Heart was then able to sponsor 15 more kids with school books and stationery. This reduction of barriers lets these kids focus on whats important, their education. We would love to continue to help kids get an education, if you feel this is worth supporting we would love to hear from you or you can donate below to send more kids to school.                  

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