I don’t even know what to say about this very short video clip. Because unlike other story’s this one doesn’t have a happy ending.

I was walking to the mall and came across these two children sleeping on the hard concrete with a cup beside them to collect coins from passers-by.

After talking with them (with the help of a translator) I learnt that Jefferson and Jeanne’s family lives in the nearby slum and their parents recycle plastic glass for money and send their kids to beg each day.

I took them shopping for food and new clothes to replace the soiled clothes they were wearing. And then I had to say goodbye! And I’m at a loss! I don’t know what to do. The reason this story has no end is that tomorrow these kids will be in the same situation as I found them today. But tomorrow they might not eat. Or worse, tomorrow they could get hurt. God knows there are massive dangers for children around this city! I don’t know what the answer is and I sure as heck would love your comments and ideas. These kids should be in school! They should be playing and having fun. They shouldn’t be begging for money to support their families. So, comment below because I would love to get input in to what can be done about this.

And that’s the end really. I told you the was no happy ending. But would love your comments.

2 thoughts on “No Happy Endings!”

  1. These kids are ”Dirt Poor”, instead of writing for example.- These kids live in a shack with no running water, no toilet, no electricity, no school, no ”hope! All have lice in their hair and most have chest infections. When it rains the urine and excrement from above flows down the slope into their shacks. They sleep on cardboard, on a dirt floor with little or no hope in ”unimaginable” squalor! Like 2,000 years ago. The only thing on their mind is ”how am I gonna eat today?
    We are licensed by the local barangays where we feed. These can be seen on the side of our trike. We have written permission to use their photos from most of the parents. We have supplied over 860K meals so far. 
    The Mayor has stopped ALL begging in the street this month!We supply 300 meals twice a day to the ‘Dirt Poor’ kids living in shacks along the river.There is no interest from ANYONE to help these kids!After 7 years working in the slums I also think these kids need to go to school. But it’s not that simple!They are needed by their families to collect trash to sell for food.So you need to open satellite schools in the area of the slums. Just a room with a teacher. To learn the very basics of reading, writing and simple maths.Their parents generally are illiterate.In a government school, there would be 70 kids in a class.Importantly you would also need to feed the kids otherwise they are not going to come.These kids are overjoyed to get a single sweet from us!They have no toys. No clothes. No hope!Many of the kids we feed are sniffing glue by 7-8 years old.Sadly, many turn to prostitution to improve their familys lives by 12-13.I have lost my faith in humanity working here.These kids live in horrific, miserable conditions.

    1. Please don’t loose hope in humanity. The fact that there are good people like yourselves gives us hope in humanity. Many people ask, ‘why would a loving God allow this’? when the truth is that mankind have allowed this, and God has given us everything we need to be the solution. Greed prevents mankind being the solution. But, people like you make a difference! Keep up the great work! And, yes, I agree that setting up schools is a great idea, and something I would very much love to investigate.

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