Announcing the 2018 Golden Heart Mission Team..

It is with great excitement that Golden Heart announces the 2018 team to Angeles City in the Philippines.

For a moment there, it looked like 2018 was going to be a solo mission, and then all of a Sudden God brought 3 more amazing people along side this vision.

There is so many reasons to be excited about this team is their heart for children and young people, their heart for God, and with 3 experienced worship leaders this is going to be one musical team!

in 2017, it became very evident that a nurse would be a huge strength within the team.. and PRAISE GOD we have a nurse!

Help the team

Every team member pays for their own flights, accommodation and other expenses out of their own pocket. This costs each team member about $2000. While support from friends and family towards these costs is appreciated, we do not ask for it.

What we DO ask for is help in raising an addition $2000 to use to feed, clothe and care for the hundreds of people we will come across.

Things like organizing community meals, buying clothes for children, paying for medical treatment of sick children and much more.

Golden Heart is all about ‘giving a little to matter a lot’, and this could not be more true in the Philippines where every little bit goes a long way to helping some of the most vulnerable.

Please consider donating.


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